Playas de Villamil is one of the main tourist destinations in the Central Coast. Includes 14 kilometres of beautiful white sand beaches ranging from the city of General Villamil , known as Playas , to the town of Data Posorja , at the southern end of the peninsula of Santa Elena

This protected area, which incorporates the ocean out to two kilometres off the coast was established in order to take care of the beaches , protecting natural remnants of marine and coastal ecosystems, and to promote proper environmental management for the treatment and disposal of solid waste from surrounding communities.

2472 hectares
Creation year:
Altitudinal range:
0 - 0 meters
How to get?

From Guayaquil. Take the road to the coast until to El Progreso (65 km), then take a road to the south in the direction of General Villamil (30 km).


Malecon Street, Precinct Puerto El Morro. Guayas Province.

There is no phone in this protected area. For more information contact the offices of the Regional Directorate of Environment - Guayas.


(04) 232-0391 / (04) 232-0383


Playas de Villamil is essentially a long white sandy beach, blessed with a gentle climate. The area has calm waters, although in some sections , especially in the south, you can surf when the swell conditions are right. The influence of the cold Humboldt Current moderates the temperature of the water and avoid excessive humidity, so the weather is relatively dry.

Existing facilities
Cultural aspects

The local population traditionally engaged in fishing and agriculture; Today tourism is the most important income. The main attraction of Playas de Villamil is its tranquility; the area is ideal for relaxing, beachcombing , bird watching and water sports offered by local tourism businesses. From a cultural point of view, it is the only place in the Ecuadorian coast where you can watch  fishermen as they launch their three-mast fishing rafts, traditional boats which pay homage to the ancient arts of navigation of coastal fishermen. Playas de Villamil still retains some remnants of typical arid areas of the Ecuadorian coast , such as salt mountain and muyuyo. Its main attraction is the beach.

Main atractives

Clothing: from  December to May you have to wear light clothing and use sunscreen , because the temperature and UV are high. From June to November bring warmer clothes because temperature conditions down to 18 ° C and  it can get quite windy.