320 Certified Rangers

The Theater of the Central University of Ecuador was the stage in which, this morning, 320 park rangers officially received the Certification for Labor Competencies under the "Parks and Reserves Protection Operations" profile. More than 500 people including officials, rangers and relatives of officials participated in the event.
The Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador, the Technical Secretariat of the National System of Qualifications and Professional Training (Setec), the National Secretariat for Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (Senescyt) and the Luis Arboleda Martínez Institute in the city of Manta , As Conformity Assessment Body; Gave the rangers the certification that symbolizes the recognition of the quality of their work performance and knowledge.
In his speech, Minister Walter Garcia emphasized the value of human talent trained and strengthened: "I am proud to be part of a process that raises the professional level of the park rangers, the main players in the conservation of our protected areas. Delivering this certification, which is the fruit of the commitment, the hard work and the conviction of each one of you who are the heart of protected areas, is undoubtedly cause for great joy and satisfaction not only for us, your families and relatives , But also for the citizens who know that in their hands the heritage is protected ".
For its part, Ana Ruíz, Technical Secretary of the SETEC, highlighted the work of the Ministry of the Environment and the entities that channeled the achievement of certification by labor competencies for natural resource keepers. In his words, "this process showed the quality of the work performance of this human group that is already part of the 33 000 people who have received certifications of labor competencies in different trades at the national level."
Edwin Revelo, guardian of the El Angel Ecological Reserve for 6 years, expressed his satisfaction at this recognition "This motivates us to continue improving our work and at the same time is an opportunity to increase and update our knowledge to share with the communities close to the areas Protected, "he said.
This is the second phase of the program for strengthening the capacities of protected area personnel in Ecuador, which focuses on five programs: management of protected areas; Control and monitoring; Planning, public use and tourism; Biodiversity and communication management; Education and environmental participation (CEPA).
Through this certification, the Ecuadorian State officially recognizes the abilities, skills and abilities acquired by a group of men and women rangers who, in their daily work, contribute significantly to the conservation of the country's natural resources.
Additional data
The first phase of applications began with the certification of 147 rangers of the Galapagos National Park, who received this recognition in March this year.
The application process in which men and women participated culminated in the taking of theoretical and practical tests that determined their competence in the field of environmental protection