Happy Birthday Cajas National Park

Cajas National Park is located in the province of Azuay, in the south of Ecuador, where the Andes mountain range is older, with less volcanic activity and without the elevated peaks that are so common more to the north. In this area, the mountain range forms extensive uplands of great beauty where water accumulates in large quantities. The Cajas is full of bodies of water: about 165 lagoons with more than 1 hectare of surface and 621 with less than 1 hectare have been counted; Are in total 786 bodies of water. Surely the condors who visit it can appreciate its true form from the air: a green and gold rug, very wrinkled and where each valley holds ponds connected by small streams. Due to the large number of lagoons, the presence of migratory birds and their importance for the collection, storage and provision of water for nearby populations was recognized as a Ramsar or Wetland Site of International Importance. Since 2002, and through an agreement signed with the Ministry of the Environment, P.N. Cajas is administered by the Municipality of Cuenca.