Happy Birthday Cotacahi Cayapas Ecological Reserve

Grasslands dotted with flowers, domain condor, wind and cold. Craggy foothills that lie behind the fog, a universe of orchids that grow on the trees of the cloud forest.
lowlands crisscrossed by rivers and populated by ancient trees. Cotacachi - Cayapas, your name and gives us an idea of ​​the many different climates that are contained and protected in this book: from the rocky summit, and sometimes snow, the Cotacachi volcano at 4,939 m in the western Andes , to tropical rain forests in the lower banks of the river Cayapas lands.
This large altitudinal range is due to its location and size, and Cotacachi Cayapas makes it a protected area that houses more types of ecosystems.
High up in the mountains are the moors and sandbanks of Cotacachi volcano; then there are the montane forests of the Pacific slope, with its great diversity and complexity; below the lush tropical rain forests of the Pacific coast appear.