Happy Birthday "The most beutiful park in the world" Yacuri

The Andes in the south of the country present a very different face to those of the north and center: they contain páramos that begin at lower altitudes and possess very peculiar characteristics in their vegetation; Hence the importance of protected areas such as the Yacuri National Park. This is located southeast of the town of Amaluza, between the provinces of Loja and Zamora Chinchipe, on the border with Peru. To the north of Yacuri is Podocarpus National Park and to the south, in Peru, the National Sanctuary Tabaconas - Namballe, which is why Yacuri is a key element for the natural transboundary corridor of the two countries.
The park protects environments of moors, mist forests and dry high scrub, which are the result of the confluence of the conditions of the dry west and the wettest east. Yacuri is also part of the Podocarpus Biosphere Reserve - El Cóndor, an area of great importance for the conservation of biodiversity in the south of the country.