Happy Birthday Pacoche wildlife refuge and marine coastal

This protected area owes its name to the hills of Pacoche, located at Cape San Lorenzo south of Manta, the most salient point of the province of Manabi. These small elevations do not exceed 363 meters, but its location (in the coastal area of transition between dry and wet environments) generates adequate to accommodate slightly wetter dry forests and woodlands, forests called garúa conditions. The refuge protects 5,045 hectares of land ecosystems and 8,500 hectares of coastal marine environments, an ideal combination of land and sea. The protected area borders several villages settled along the coastline: San Lorenzo, Rio Canas, Las Piñas and Santa Rosa. In the area of influence are the towns of Pile, Santa Marianita and Liquiquí, in the beach area, and Pacoche and El Aromo, inside. The Solita sites and Agua Fria are within the protected area.